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Coffee Gifts Under $25

You don't have to spend a lot to get a great present.

by Maciej Kasperowicz | October 28, 2020

A great gift doesn't need to come at a mighty price. These thoughtful presents under $25 are the perfect treat for anyone on your list.

01 Terroir

Coffee comes from the seed of a cherry, and before that cherry appears on a coffee shrub, that shrub must flower. And bees can feed on those coffee blossoms and create honey, like this one, harvested in Guatemala and sold by Onyx Coffee.

Onyx Terroir Honey ($15)

02 Cafiza

Originally designed for espresso machines, but quite good at cleaning any brewing device or carafe, this powder gets coffee oils off of basically anything. It’s a great gift for anyone who brews a lot of coffee, especially those without washing machines.

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Cafiza Coffee Oil Cleaner ($7.99)

03 Fellow

For folks who love their AeroPress, but wish it could come just a little closer to producing espresso, this alternative cap with a metal filter and a pressure activated valve does a terrific job.

Fellow Prismo Filter ($25)

04 Thanks Book

We think about the interconnectedness of all the people involved in coffee production all the time. This book, about finding appreciation for the people making things we often take for granted — like our daily morning cup — features our friends at Joe Coffee.

Thanks a Thousand ($16.99)

05 Cold Brew Bags

Even if you’re not a year-round cold coffee person, we love having these bags around for making the occasional batch of cold brew, packing with grinds for travel, or even brewing the odd pot of mess-free cowboy coffee.

Trade Cold Brew Bags ($7.50)

There are many excellent books about worldwide coffee production, but deep dives on civic coffee histories like this one are pretty unique. Its combination of narrative history and interviews with major players is consistently enthralling. (note: Ever Meister is a contributor to Trade’s blog).

New York City Coffee: A Caffeinated History ($21.99)