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City Guide: What to do in Denver

Here's how to spend a perfect 48 hours in a big city with even bigger small-town charm.

by Team Trade | June 16, 2023

Despite being one of the country’s fastest growing cities over the last decade, in many ways Denver still holds the charms of a small-town city – the kind of place where, in the evening, you’ll run into folks at dinner that served you coffee that very morning. You’ll find it’s much more than the mountains that surround it, and it’s the people that really define the pieces that make it up. (But don’t skip the mountains, you silly goose!)

Denver is one of those cities where you need to take some time to dig a little deeper to get to the good stuff, so we’re letting you in on some of our all time favorite spots for good eating, good sipping and beyond!

If you’ve got 48 hours and some change, in Denver, this is how Huck suggests you spend it.

Day 1 Breakfast: Huckleberry Roasters

Start Day one at Huckleberry Roasters on Tennyson for some locally roasted coffee and light, unique breakfast bites from yours truly – make sure to pop over to our friends at Berkeley Supply Co. next door, and Feral Denver, an outdoor resale shop, down the street for some perusing.

After, hit the trail for a quick and easy hike to take in the sights nearby, the mountains are quite beautiful, we’ll admit it! Some of our favorite spots to escape the hustle and mosey outdoors are Apex Park, Three Sisters Park, Lair o’ the Bear Park, and Red Rocks Park.


Day 1 Lunch: Leven's Deli

For deliciously fresh and tasty sammies, hit up Leven’s Deli right around the corner from the Denver Art Museum, the Clyfford Still Museum and the Kirkland Museum – which all make for a great afternoon.

Once you're satisfied with how much fine art you’ve taken in, roam over to S. Broadway to hit up our friends at Trvefor a beer, or a little pick-me-up at Huckleberry Roaster’s Baker location.

There’s a ton of great vintage in this part of town too – The Ten Penny Store being right at the beginning of it all, and one you’ll be sure to find a treasure or two in.


Day 1 Dinner: Cart Driver & City Park

Denver is a city of parks, and they come alive in the evening, so to experience all the city’s got to offer, naturally we’ll suggest you head on to a park with a blanket under your arm, some snacks, or a pizza pie from Cart Driver, to wind down for the night.

Cheesman and Washington Park are always solid choices, but if you’re here on a Sunday, you’ll want to head to City Park to catch a show as a part of their free concert series, which are hosted every week throughout the summer!

If you’d prefer dinner out, you won’t want to miss Somebody People while you’re in town – a unique vegan spot with wonderful staff and an eclectic and cozy ambiance, OR slurp some ramen at one of Uncle’s few locations – make sure you order the Chinese Eggplant Buns.

For a night cap, swing to Tennyson and enjoy a cocktail at ok yeah, a new concept cocktail bar with limited seating and oh so delicious pairings.


Day 2 Breakfast: Port Side

Bop your way to River North, Rino, the hip side of town, as some might say, and snag a cup of brew and some breakfast at Port Side or enjoy world famous cinnamon rolls from The Butcher Block Cafe, right on the edge of the district.

When you’re wrapped up it won’t hurt to hit up Denver Central Market and the handful of shops and boutiques in the area.

If you’re looking for a different side of the coin, make your way to one of the many farmer’s markets that take place on the weekend, to taste some local goodies from booths like Funky Flame Pizza and Pandemic Donuts – classics if you ask us. No farmer’s market in Denver has a shortage of delicious eats, regardless of which one you choose to wander through, so go hungry!


Day 2 Lunch: El Taco de Mexico

Head to El Taco de Mexico on Santa Fe for arguably the best tacos in the city. There’s a number of great antique stores and galleries on this strip, so if that tickles your fancy, take a little stroll!

To round it out, grab a glass of wine at ESP HiFi, a cozy vinyl listening bar influenced by Japanese kissa.

Photo courtesy of @leewalter1


Day 2 Dinner: La Diabla Mezcal y Pozole

Head downtown to La Diabla Mezcal y Pozole for mezcal tastings and pozole, this hole in the wall has quickly become a go-to spot for Denver, with James Beard nominated chef Jose Avila guiding the way.

You could also make your way back to Rino and enjoy Safta for some of the best, most thoughtful Mediterranean food you’ll have here. We’d recommend trying a number of their dishes family style – the house-made pita and any of their hummus is just chef’s kiss.

To really pack in the fun, go to Lakeside Amusement Park, an icon in Denver. Don’t be afraid that it wears its age, it feels like you’re being swept back in time in the very best of ways as soon as you step foot past the gates. The entry fee is nominal and you can pick and choose what you ride with their ticket system, just like a carnival.

We’re not done yet – after, sip a glass of wine at Noble Riot, grab a beer at OMF or hop the highway and enjoy a cocktail at Fort Greene, a hidden gem at its finest, to close out the night.

If you’ve got time before you make your way out of town, get yourself a croissant for your travels from Get Right’s Bakery, we promise you’ll thank us later – we’ll see you next time!