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City Guide: What to do in Stuart, FL

This laid-back oasis is the heart of Florida's "Treasure Coast".

by Team Trade | July 01, 2023

Famed for its sailfishing and picturesque beaches, Stuart is a charming little escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. As home to our friends at The Roasted Record, we asked for their can't miss adventures and must-try eats and drinks to help you plan your next getaway.

The Roasted Record

We reside in the heart of beautiful downtown Stuart, FL and we're quite possibly the country's only coffee roaster, coffee shop, and vinyl record store all in one! We offer a variety of drinks and baked goods as well as the opportunity to sit down, relax, and put on any one of our hundreds of used records that are for sale.


Colab Kitchen

Colab Kitchen is within a few hundred yards of us and offers true farm-to-table food and a small market inside. It sources mostly all local food for both the market and the restaurant. Plus, you can't beat the vibe!


Castronova Chocolates

Across the street from us is the famous Castronova Chocolates. As you can imagine, they are good friends of ours as well and are not only a national, but also internationally recognized and award-winning chocolatier. They are a true "bean to bar" operation and make everything in house.


Frazier Creek Brewery

This new kid on the block is recently opened and only a few hundred yards from us!


Cafe Martier

As you could probably guess, nightlife is pretty quiet here, as we are a small seaside town, but we do have Cafe Martier located in the old Stuart post office on the main strip in downtown Stuart. It remains quite original to it ms original form, offering craft cocktails and other drinks in its "speakeasy" bar which once held the riches of the notorious Ashley Gang and was home to William "Bill" McCoy who parked his ship just off the coast and would run rum ashore in downtown Stuart and keep his money at the same bank as the Ashley Gang. Since Bill McCoy didn't drink, his rum and other spirits were trusted to be pure and not tampered with. "The Real McCoy" a is a classic phrase now synonymous with quality.


Tour the St. Lucie River

Stuart is the "Sailfish Capital of the World" and we are located on the St. Lucie River which runs to the St. Lucie Inlet about 2 miles east of downtown. From there we are surround by shipwrecks as our shallow shoals sink many ships in the 1700s and 1800s. We live on what his know as the "Treasure Coast" due to all of the grease that was once found off our coast. I highly recommend you tour the St Lucie river on the Schooner Lily with Lily charters.