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New Year, New Brew: Coffee Tips for 2021


by Maciej Kasperowicz | December 24, 2020

More than any other January, 2021 is an especially exciting chance to look forward to getting things done in the new year. Whether you’re the resolution-making type or interested in general self-improvement, we’ve gathered our favorite tips to help you step up your 2021 coffee game.

Try a new brew method

If you want to expand your brewing options in the new year, this guide will help you choose the brew method that best lines up with your needs.

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Keep your brewing equipment clean

A cleaning regimen is one of the least fun sounding, but easiest ways to make your coffee taste way better and more consistent.

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Start your coffee education from square one

If education is a big 2021 goal for you, why not start at the very beginning? This short article introduces the plant that ends up as the tasty liquid in our morning cup, and is a great springboard towards learning more.

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Get into espresso

If you’re planning to bring coffee bar-style espresso drinks into your home next year, we recommend you start with the basics by learning what exactly espresso is.

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Improve your palate

Tasting notes and specific coffee descriptions can be intimidating; these tasting exercises will help you develop your confidence and start describing what you’re tasting like a pro.

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Brew tasty coffee in any situation

Who wouldn’t want to be more prepared for whatever comes their way (coffee-wise, at least)? Our guide for brewing coffee, even when familiar equipment isn’t available, will keep you ready for any emergency caffeination needs.

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