Our Favorite Coffee Brewing Tips & Hacks

For any home set up or situation, we're here to help.

by Maciej Kasperowicz | March 26, 2020

You won’t be shocked to learn that we here at Trade view coffee as somewhat of a necessity, and very rarely start our days without it. In times of stress, brewing coffee at home becomes not just a chance to refuel, but a moment to focus on doing something nice for ourselves as well as we can.

No matter where the act of brewing fits in your life right now, we’re here to help you make it taste as good as possible in any situation. Whether you've got all the time to fiddle with your recipe, or want to maintain the consistency of a quick morning cup, our tips will get you there.

Work with what's available

It happens, you forgot to reorder coffee filters (or your favorite spot to order from is suddenly out) and you need to make some coffee.

In a pinch, you can totally brew coffee without filters, or even without any equipment at all. Just combine coffee grounds and hot water, let them sit, cool it down with a few ice cubes to slow extraction, and then use a strainer to get out the larger grinds (or just sip straight from the cup and avoid the bottom). Check out our guide here. Will you get as clean of a cup as usual? Almost certainly not. Will it taste good until you get to those grinds? Yup!

Use whatever's left over

Say you're down to the end of your bag, but there's not quite enough coffee left for a full brew. Why not experiment a little? Roasters blend together different coffees to create tastier things all the time, now's your shot to do the same. There are reasons that coffees roasted to different roast levels by different companies might be hard to work with as a blend, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun to see what happens.

Measure when you can

Coffee pros love scales. We love timers. We love scales with built-in timers! Those tools help us brew coffee consistently, and they help us get better from roast to roast.

But just because you don’t have every tool you want, doesn’t mean you can’t improve. Measuring coffee by scoops? Cool! Make those scoops level and count how many you’re putting in. Eyeballing water? Just try to find some marker that’ll make it easy for you to pour the same amount of water next time. And remember there’s a timer on your phone.

Adjust as you go

The point of measuring isn’t just so you can do the same thing over and over, it’s so that when you want a change, you can actually make one. If you brew a coffee and it tastes too sour or too weak or too bitter, you can use that information to do it differently next time.

Check out our articles on strength, bitterness, and grind size for little adjustments you can make along the way to ensure your coffee tastes right for you.

Freeze any excess

In an ideal world you’re getting coffee delivered fresh and going through it quickly, but what if you bought a little more than you can handle (or bought a few extra bags to support your favorite roasters)?

For a while the coffee world seemed to mostly be against freezing coffee, but the general opinion now is that as long as you can close your bag pretty tightly (or put it in a freezer bag), you’re a-ok. Just take it out of the freezer when you need it, remove the beans you need, and pop it back in.