Special Release: Colombia Monteblanco

This unique passion fruit washed coffee is your ticket to the tropics.

by Maciej Kasperowicz | February 09, 2022

We're excited to introduce you to a new, special release coffee series, designed to give the Trade community early access to super-unique and often very limited quantity coffee releases in partnership with our roasters.

Introducing Colombia Monteblanco: A Truly Unique Passion Fruit Washed Coffee


The Coffee

Methodical Colombia Monteblanco

The Roaster

The incredibly nice folks at Greenville’s Methodical Coffee, who are terrific at roasting all kinds of coffees.

The Origin

Finca Monteblanco, managed by Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia, a third-generation coffee farmer in Huila, Colombia.

MG 3620

Why It's So Special

Most washed coffees are purposefully fermented before the pulp of the coffee is removed prior to drying. But while most of those are fermented using the ambient yeast floating around in the air, this one is done with a specific fermentation culture. What makes it even more unique though, is that this culture is fed with local fruit and sugars, most notably passion fruit. The result is a distinct tropical fruit flavor.

What You'll Taste

The coffee is super-complex, with pineapple, passion fruit, and lime acidity right up front and sweetness that comes in waves: first a kind of soft fruit nectar note, then a brown sugar aftertaste I love in Colombias. As the coffee cools, it only gets more fruity and sweet; it’s truly distinct from anything we’ve had the pleasure of offering on Trade.