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Staff Picks: 6 Coffees We're Drinking This Week

What we're brewing, when we brew from home.

by Maciej Kasperowicz | March 16, 2020

We love discovering new coffees at home as much as you do! So, we’re letting you in on Team Trade’s current favorites with our weekly series, Staff Picks. Whether you’re looking to try something out of your comfort zone or need an extra helping, we’ve got you covered.

Today's sweet and surprising picks come straight from our Director of Coffee, Maciej Kasperowicz: "There’s so much delicious coffee out there that I’m always liable to be surprised, which is one of my favorite things about tasting coffee for Trade. Here are some coffees that have really blown my mind recently."

For Something Different


If you get a Colombian Castillo variety coffee in from a specialty coffee roaster, you’d be right to expect it to be tasty. But you wouldn’t expect it to taste like a kaleidoscope of fruit — both like strawberries and fresh and candied citrus at the same time. This coffee is a delicious example of what can happen when farmers really blaze their own trail.

Blueprint Aristides Guarnizo ($28.55)

For Your Sweet Tooth


Do you find it hard to decide between a luxurious chocolate mousse or an elegant fruit tart? Grab this naturally processed Nicaraguan coffee, with an intense amount of sweetness coming at you from all angles, from the fruity, to the chocolaty, to the nutty. Bonus: this one’ll taste great as espresso (in addition to every other brew method).

Verve Ethiopia Halo Beriti ($24.75)

For Decaf Drinkers


This decaffeinated, medium-dark Colombian has just as much cherry, chocolate, and citrus sweetness as any coffee from this region (which means a whole lot). I feel strongly that decaf drinkers deserve coffees that are totally delicious and this one is.

Quills Decaf Cauca ($18.85)

For Something Fruity

Red Rooster

A few years ago, World Coffee Research developed a lexicon, in which words to describe coffee are matched with flavor references you can actually taste, to calibrate what those words mean. The reference for “fruity” is kiwi-strawberry Juicy Juice, and this coffee comes as close as I’ve ever tasted to that exact flavor reference.

Red Rooster Ethiopia Arsosala ($22.40)

For Something Surprisingly Delicate


East African coffees can often punch you in the mouth with intense fruit flavor, so it’s nice to taste one that’s super-elegant, but no less delicious. Subtle tangerine acidity plays beautifully with tasty flavors of apple cinnamon.

Temple Rwanda Gatare ($22.40)

For Coffee That Feels as Good as it Tastes


Sure, this Peru has notes of chocolate and cherry that smell and taste terrific, but where it really stands out is its body. This coffee feels downright buttery, which makes drinking it a really pleasant experience. Plus, if you’re looking for a Fair Trade and organic-certified cup, this one’s as good as any.

Equator Peru Cajamarca Fair Trade Organic ($20)