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Café Guide: Seattle

The Emerald City is rich in great coffee shops.

by Maciej Kasperowicz | February 19, 2020

The best coffee in Seattle comes in all shapes and sizes!

Between the rise of Starbucks and the heyday of grunge, there isn’t a city in the US more identified with coffee than Seattle. But the Emerald City’s coffee scene is far from just comfy couches and hubcap-sized lattes, with plenty of third-wave roasters making tasty coffees all over the flavor spectrum.

While plenty of these roasters have their own coffee shops, the dream of the multi-roaster café is also alive and well in Seattle. The recent decade has also seen the rise of several great coffee shops offering drinks and retail bags from several coffee roasters.

Home of Pike Place Market, the original Starbucks, and some really, really great coffee beans, check out our guide to the best coffee in Seattle.

Milstead & Co.

Milstead & Co. 754 North 34th Street Seattle, Washington 98103

Just over the Aurora Bridge into the Fremont neighborhood lies Milstead & Co., a shop that jumped on the idea of serving coffee from all of their favorite roasters at the same time pretty early.

Milstead opened almost a decade ago and hasn’t stopped serving super-dope coffee, featuring some of our favorite coffee roasters like Kuma, Ruby, and AKA since. Grab a table in the large, well-lit space and enjoy a cup of whatever happens to be on the frequently rotating menu that day.


General Porpoise Doughnuts

Amazon Spheres 2101 7th Street Seattle, Washington 98119

Capitol Hill 1020 East Union Street Seattle, Washington 98122

Pioneer Square 401 1st Avenue South Seattle, Washington 98104

Laurelhurst 4520 Union Place Northeast Seattle, Washington 98105

We all know that coffee and donuts go together beautifully and the folks at General Porpoise take that combination to a ridiculously high level. Pair a delicious lemon curd donut with a bright coffee from, among others, our friends at Madcap.

Porpoise has four locations, including one inside the Amazon complex. The Pioneer Square location is a perfect place to hit up for good coffee on the way to a Mariners day game, or for dessert after housing some dumplings in the International District.


The London Plane

The London Plane 300 Occidental Avenue South Seattle, Washington 98104

Down by Occidental Square, The London Plane is basically the perfect place to spend a morning. There are wonderful pastries, completely delicious brunch dishes with perfect Pacific Northwest produce, and even a flower shop.

If you don’t have an hour to relax in the sunny space, to-go drink options are also plentiful, including Stumptown cold brew stubbies for the quickest fix possible.


La Marzocco Cafe

La Marzocco Cafe 472 1st Avenue North Seattle, Washington 98109

Espresso machine manufacturer La Marzocco’s café in the KEXP space isn’t a multi-roaster in the traditional sense. Instead of offering coffee beans from several roasters at a time, they give their space over to a different roaster each month, and allow that roaster to not only serve their coffee, but also to have a huge impact on the service and experience in general. Many of our favs, such as Kuma, Verve, Metric, and George Howell have featured.