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Gifts for the Coffee Lover Who Has Everything

We searched far and wide.

by Maciej Kasperowicz | November 11, 2020

They might seem to have every gift idea you can think of, but the person with most of the coffee gadgets and gear doesn't truly have it all until you check out our guide.

01 Ikawa

This easily programmable and variable roaster has taken over the sample roasting responsibilities at many a coffee roastery, and for those who really want full control over their home setup, the home version is the ultimate gift.

Ikawa Smart Home Coffee Roaster System ($1,280)

02 Kruve

When brewing, we strive for even grind size to create even extraction and smooth, clean-tasting coffee. The next step: filtering out the larger and smaller particles with this set of coffee screens.

Kruve Sifter ($89.99)

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03 Siphon

Is a siphon one the simplest way to make a tasty cup of coffee? No. But if you want to make one in the most visually impressive way possible to wow guests, then nothing else really compares.

Yama Glass Tabletop Siphon ($71)

04 Scents

This set of 36 little bottles containing scents that pop up in coffees (from familiar and pleasant ones like “apple” and “roasted hazelnuts” to ones that are less so, like “rubber” and “potato) is used by coffee professionals around the world to calibrate and train their noses.

Le Nez du Cafe (The Scent of Coffee) Revelation Kit ($299)

05 Cevze

Turkish-style coffee brewing has existed somewhat on the fringes of the US specialty scene, which makes it a fun, very hands-on gift for the coffee enthusiast who has already collected every kind of pour over. A wide range of prices and designs are out there, but if you’re feeling extra special this one is designed by a World Champion.

Specialty Turkish Coffee Pro Cezve ($79.99)

Trade has partnered with three of our roasters to create a custom roast experience. The recipient will talk directly to the roaster and figure out a coffee blend specifically tailored to them, then see it produced to drink themselves and share with friends.

The Ultimate Custom Roast Experience ($5,000)