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A Letter From Our CEO

Our response to the coronavirus and how to support local roasters.

Dear Trade Community,

As many of you have recognized, this is a very hard time for the roasters who we partner with, most of whom are small businesses. We are heartbroken by the financial impact this will have and the personal toll it will take on the coffee community.

That’s why we are putting all our effort into supporting our roaster partners. Our platform is helping them transition huge parts of their business from retail & office sales to reach new customers online. And, we are finding other ways to be a resource and partner as they navigate this challenging time.

That’s Where You Come In…

You can support roasters by signing up for a subscription to get recurring home delivery, or make purchases a la carte (including our recently launched 5 lb bags) for those who want to stock up. As you’re spending more time indoors and frequenting grocery stores less, we want to be there for you with an unbroken supply of coffee, and with support to help you brew it.

What You Need to Know

  • Our roasters are following health and safety standards, including mandatory handwashing practices, regularly disinfecting surfaces that come into contact with products and materials destined for customers, and employees being encouraged to stay home when feeling ill.
  • We are working with roasters and making adjustments to ensure you get your coffee without any major disruption.
  • Our blog is full of helpful tips, roaster stories, and easy-to-make recipes as a resource for all your home-brewing needs, and check out our new-and-improved brewing how-to's to brush up on step-by-step brewing instructions.
  • Our customer experience team is working hard to answer all questions and address additional concerns you may have. Reach out any time at and they'd be happy to help.

We will be bringing you updates as they come up including additional ways you can join us in supporting roasters and their employees.

Warmly, Mike

CEO, Trade