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Get to Know Augie’s Coffee Roasters

Andy and Austin Amento took a big risk on an old roasting machine — and it paid off!

by Team Trade | March 28, 2019

Whether family by blood or passion, the team at Augie’s Coffee Roasters is committed to training award-winning baristas and roasting critically acclaimed coffee.

Augie’s Coffee Roasters from Redlands, California is passionate about their community and their coffee. Started by an ambitiously optimistic father-and-son duo, there’s a lot more to this company than meets the eye.

Why is the notion of family so important to Augie’s?

“That’s like asking the Pope why religion is so important to him. I own the company with my father. I met my wife while working at Augie’s. We then got married at Augie’s and after our girls were born, they went from the hospital straight to Augie’s. Our family has grown quite a bit since 2009, and we love it. Whether they’re family members who make drinks behind the bar, or drink them in the café, we feel very lucky to have the family that we do.”

How did Augie’s get started roasting?

“We got our start in roasting mostly, to be honest, as a last-ditch effort. We had been in business for about 18 months and it seemed like none of the changes we were making were helping us cover our costs. At the end of the second summer we were on-track to close our doors, as we only had enough money in the bank to keep us afloat for another few months  I convinced my father we should spend our last $10,000 on a roaster I found on Craigslist. And boom, make way for Prince Augie."

Tell us a coffee joke.

“Why don’t you give Elsa a balloon — or, I mean a French press? Why wouldn’t you give Elsa a French press? Because she will 'Let It Go'! And you know how French presses are made of glass? It would break!”

How has the Redlands community shaped your business?

“The Redlands community has been everything in shaping Augie's. The people of Redlands loved seeing that we had begun roasting in house in 2010. And again we saw an overwhelming outpour of support when we had to move from the red building. Redlands is our ride or die, officially.”

How has coffee changed in the decade you’ve been roasting?

“Coffee has changed quite a lot in the past 10 years. And, it seems like in the past five years, things have been making leaps and bounds. With huge innovations in processing and genetic modifications, it's getting easier for producers to replicate really tasty flavor profiles. One thing to note in regard to this decade and coffee changing, is the market price of coffee. Through inflation and even during the recession, the market price of coffee has not been lower during this decade than it is right now. Crazy and no good, but we think that someone like Trade is doing a good thing, by getting better coffee into people’s hands.”

— Austin Amento, Co-Founder of Augie’s Coffee Roasters