Coffee for a Cause: Loud Pow

Coffee for a Cause: Loud Pow

$2 from every bag sold will benefit Elevate Youth.
by Lauren Chamberlain | February 16, 2024
You don’t need to be a skiing fanatic to get stoked about this limited-release coffee from Atomic and Elevate Youth, a Boston nonprofit that mentors youth through transformative outdoor experiences.

Loud Pow is their "giving blend", and if your non-skiing author can be so bold as to say: it's smoother than fresh powder. It's got a big body, and tons of chocolate and vanilla flavor. In other words, it's a coffee that's extremely easy to love, and you can brew it any way you like. Most importantly, $2
from every bag sold will be donated directly
to Elevate Youth.  You can buy the coffee here while supplies last!

We asked Spencer Mahoney (Atomic's VP of Operations) to chat with us a bit more about their partnership with Elevate Youth, what "Loud Pow" means, and how their favorite ways to brew the coffee at Atomic HQ and at home. 

Who is Elevate youth? How did your partnership begin? 
Elevate Youth is a Boston-based non-profit who empower youth from underserved areas to explore the outdoors alongside mentors. They collaborates with Boston area schools, community organizations, and volunteer mentors to facilitate outdoor enrichment programs for underserved youth as a way to foster agency, encourage holistic, healthy lifestyles, and equip youth with critical life skills so they can reach their full potential. Elevate Youth programs are 100% free for all youth, and include transportation, equipment, instructors/guides, healthy provisions, and weather-appropriate clothing. In the winter, Elevate Youth partners with local mountains to offer 12 downhill and Nordic ski trips.

Image of an adult and child skiing side by side.
This is our third year partnering with Elevate Youth. Growing up snowboarding and skateboarding, their mission really resonates with me, and I love the programs they’re able to offer kids who may not otherwise be exposed to these types of activities. We wanted to create a collaboration together that both raised money and brought awareness to Elevate Youth and the work they're doing. This year, we aim to raise enough money from the sales of Loud Pow to fully fund their winter ski program.
Where does the name Loud Pow come from?

The name "Loud Pow" stems from a joke among East Coast skiers. "Pow", is short for powder, which is fresh snow for skiing. Every skier and snowboarder dreams of great powder days. But on the East Coast, these days can be few and far between, so "Loud Pow" refers to the sound of skis sliding over extremely hard ice. If you are out shredding the loud pow—you are ripping it up on an icy day.

Three young kids standing in a row on skis
Tell us more about the Loud Pow coffee and flavor. 

Loud Pow is a blend of coffees from Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. It's a medium roast that has a nice mild citrus acidity that's complimented by great notes of toffee and chocolate.
What's your favorite way to brew it at home? 

I've been brewing Loud Pow with a V60 as my first cup of the day and have really been enjoying it! We also have it on espresso at the roastery and it's tasting really nice as a double shot or in a cortado. 

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