How To Make Cold Brew Coffee

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee

Make the perfect Cold Brew coffee at home every time.
by Lauren Chamberlain | September 28, 2023

One of cold brew coffee’s main advantages is its simplicity — and homemade cold brew is easier than ever with our Cold Brew Bags. We’ve pared it down to a compostable bag that you can use with any container (mason jars work great). And because cold brew coffee uses room temperature or cold water, some of the acid and bitterness in hot coffee is left behind. So, what’s a cold brew coffee? If you prefer iced coffee with a smooth, mild taste, cold brew coffee is the brew method for you. With that, let’s dive into how to make the best cold brew coffee.

What You Need

  • Trade Cold Brew Bags 
  • 1 qt. container
  • 25 oz  / 700 g of water
  • 3 oz / 85 g of coarsely ground coffee. Don't have a grinder? We can grind it for you!

Getting Started

1. Fill Cold Brew Bag

Fill your bag to the top with coarse coffee grounds. Some helpful tips to ensure you fill your bag properly include:

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