How to Support Your Favorite Local Roasters

How to Support Your Favorite Local Roasters

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by Team Trade | April 03, 2020

As a part of a fundraising drive that completed on April 15, Trade, along with its partner Chobani, is donating $50,000 across our roasters’ funds set up to benefit those who have been laid off or furloughed due to COVID-19. Here’s how you can continue to contribute yourself.

Over the past few weeks, we have been doing all we can to support our roaster partners. Through our platform, Trade has been helping many roasters transition more of their sales volume online to reach new customers. But we wanted to do more to help the third party roaster employees who are more personally affected by raising donations for funds created for their benefit.

Like many industries, small roasters have been hit hard by the coronavirus with shop closures and decreasing wholesale orders, resulting in widespread furloughs and layoffs. The coffee community is resilient, but now is the moment our roasters, and their employees, need us most.

"We've weathered fires, mudslides, and evacuations in the past, but we've never seen anything like the coronavirus before," Dune Coffee Roasters' statement puts the current situation in context.

"Many of our roastery customers we supply coffee to have either closed their doors or seen a significant drop in sales," Madcap Coffee Company says. "Sixty-five percent of Madcap's workforce consists of hourly baristas and/or roastery employees, many of which depend on tips to maintain a livable wage."

Until we're able to make it back to our favorite coffee shops, there is a way we can support roaster employees. Many of our third party roasters have set up GoFundMe and similar platform funds to help supplement lost wages and tips. We’ve compiled a list below with links where you can contribute directly to your favorite roaster’s employee fund, if you are able to.


Boston, Massachusetts George Howell Coffee

New York, New York

Gimme! Coffee Lorimer Street

Gimme! Coffee Mott Street

Ithaca, New York and Trumansburg, New York Gimme! Coffee

Boston, Massachusetts Intelligentsia

New York, New York Irving Farm New York

New York, New York Joe Coffee

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

La Colombe Coffee Roasters 6th & Market Location

La Colombe Coffee Roasters Bryn Mawr

La Colombe Coffee Roasters Dilworth Plaza Location

La Colombe Coffee Roasters Fishtown Location

La Colombe Coffee Roasters Rittenhouse Square Location

New York, New York Orens Coffee

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ReAnimator Coffee Roasters

New York, New York Stumptown Coffee Roasters


St. Louis, Missouri Blueprint Coffee

Minneapolis, Minnesota Dogwood Coffee Co

Grand Rapids, Michigan Madcap Coffee Company

Chicago, Illinois Intelligentsia

Viroqua, Wisconsin Kickapoo Coffee Roasters

Chicago, Illinois

La Colombe Coffee Roasters Andersonville Location

La Colombe Coffee Roasters Gold Coast Location

La Colombe Coffee Roasters Wicker Park Location

La Colombe Coffee Roasters Armitage Location

Chicago, Illinois Metric Coffee

Chicago, Illinois Passion House Coffee Roasters

Grand Rapids, Michigan Sparrows Coffee

Minneapolis, Minnesota Spyhouse Coffee Roasting Co

Chicago, Illinois Stumptown Coffee Roasters


Austin, Texas Greater Goods Coffee Co.

Washington, DC La Colombe Coffee Roasters

Fayetteville, Arkansas Onyx Coffee Lab

Miami, Florida Panther Coffee

Topeka, Kansas PT's Coffee Roasting Co.

Louisville, Kentucky Quills Coffee

Floyd, Virginia Red Rooster Coffee

New Orleans, Louisiana Stumptown Coffee Roasters


San Diego, California Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

Boulder, Colorado Boxcar Coffee Roasters

Santa Barbara, California Dune Coffee Roasters or Here

San Rafael, California Equator Coffees

Los Angeles, California and Portland, Oregon Groundwork Coffee Co.

Oakland, California Highwire Coffee Roasters

Denver, Colorado Huckleberry Roasters or you can also donate here

Los Angeles, California Intelligentsia

San Diego, California La Colombe Coffee Roasters

Denver, Colorado Novo Coffee

Los Angeles, California Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Portland, Oregon Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Seattle, Washington Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Please check back, we'll continue updating this list as it grows.

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