Passion House

Chicago, IL

Colombia El Zorro Rojo

Sweet & Inviting

It might come from a hidden mountain region, but there’s nothing secret in the sauce here: This roast is sweet, bright and ready for anything.
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    • Sweet Vanilla, Citrus, Brown Sugar
    About the Roaster
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    Chicago, IL
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    Fun Fact
    Passion House founder Joshua Millman received his first coffee order on the same day his daughter was born.
    Colombia El Zorro Rojo
    • Washed icon
    • Nevado de Huila icon
      Sub Region
      Nevado de Huila
    • Ricardo Montano Tovar icon
      Ricardo Montano Tovar
    • Sep-Nov 2017 2017 icon
      Harvest Time
      Sep-Nov 2017 2017
    • 1500 - 1600 icon
      1500 - 1600
    • Caturra, Castillo icon
      Caturra, Castillo
    Roaster’s Notes
    This is the first year we’ve bought coffees from the Santa Maria and Palermo areas in northern Huila, on the Nevado de Huila mountain. The area is hidden far away - nestled between Gaitania in Tolima and Inza Cauca - but the coffees produced surrounding this mountain have just been mind blowing and we are super excited have to this coffee in our line up! Ricardo Montano Tovar, a sensei in his own right, is one of a few exceptional producers in Palermo. At his farm Finca El Progreso Tovar in the village of El Mirador, he grows this unique blend of Castillo and Caturra at 1580 masl. The coffee is dry fermented for 18- 24 hours, washed and then dried on raised parabolic beds for approximately 12 days. This careful attention to processing produces exceptional sweetness - think cotton candy - and a juicy, orange-like acidity.