Ethiopia Wuri Gedeb


Denver, CO

Ethiopia Wuri Gedeb

Subtle & Delicate

Here's a truly beautiful coffee: its notes of nectarine and mango well-developed enough for anyone to appreciate, yet delicate enough to obsess over.
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    • Citrus, Tropical Fruit, Spice
    About the Roaster
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    Denver, CO
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    Fun Fact
    Huckleberry’s Head Roaster, Shelby, holds the 2019 US Roasting Champion title, so you can sip easy knowing your beans are well-pampered and roasted to perfection.
    Ethiopia Wuri Gedeb
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    • Worka Sakaro, Gedeb icon
      Sub Region
      Worka Sakaro, Gedeb
    • Wuri Washing Station, Smallholder Farmers icon
      Wuri Washing Station, Smallholder Farmers
    • 2018 icon
      Harvest Time
    • 2000 - 2200 icon
      2000 - 2200
    • Ethiopian Varieties icon
      Ethiopian Varieties
    Roaster’s Notes
    Wuri Gedeb is Huck's final washed Ethiopian coffee from the 2018 harvest. This special prep washed lot comes only from farms higher than 2000 meters above sea level, and the Wuri washing station experimented with a post-wash soak for this coffee. The result is definitely Ethiopian - floral and complex - but packs a bit more body and heavier sweetness than most washed Ethiopias.

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