Frinsa Estate Java


Portland, OR

Frinsa Estate Java

Chocolaty & Sweet

This delicious Java features a rich body and is abounding in chocolaty richness and pleasant nutty sweetness.
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    • Milk Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Ripe Fruit
    About the Roaster
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    Portland, OR
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    Fun Fact
    Sterling’s dapper cafe staff wears formal attire to convey the brand’s superior customer service and attention to detail.
    Frinsa Estate Java
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    Roaster’s Notes
    This is a mellow coffee that will appeal to fans of Central America coffee. The Frinsa is washed and features a clean acidity and smooth body. When the cup is hot, you'll taste primarily cocoa and a sweet nuttiness that we characterize as praline. These flavors are almost amplified with a little cream. If you drink your coffee black, though, you'll taste a delicate yuzu or meyer lemon acidity, as delicate as it is delightful.

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