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Yes! You can easily pause your subscription or adjust your next order date. Whether you have a vacation and need to move your order back or are running low and need to get coffee now, you have the control to get coffee on your terms.

Sure thing. Whether you set a monthly coffee subscription and want to adjust the frequency to just a few weeks, are toying with a new brewing method, want to switch to whole coffee beans, or need to revise your payment method, it’s easy to change your settings. Just go the second icon from the right at the top of your homepage and select “Subscription Settings” from the dropdown. Under the “Subscription” section hit “Manage” and modify your preferences as needed. If you’d like a little extra guidance doing so, our customer service team can help Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM EST by phone at (888) 252-8691, via chat on our homepage, or email at support@drinktrade.com.

The coffee pros on our Customer Experience team are standing by to help you find your perfect match. We’re a group of coffee experts waiting to learn more about your palate and find you something you’re going to love. Chat us on the homepage or give us a call at (888) 252-8691 within one week of receiving your first order and we’ll get you something new (and just right!) on the house.

Trade believes that every cup you make should be your best ever — no matter how you take your coffee! Launched in 2018, we unite the nation’s top roasters directly with coffee drinkers, offering 450+ roasted-to-order craft coffees so fresh they don’t exist until you say so. We’re here to open your eyes to everything coffee can be, all in the name of turning coffee drinkers into coffee lovers.

1. Our Roaster Partners:  

We take our relationships seriously! Whether it’s an established veteran or a new name shaking up the coffee industry, our 55+ roaster partners are the finest you’ll find.

2. Our Experience:  

Our team has decades of collective experience on the front lines of the coffee industry. With over 2,000,000 Taste Type matches, we’re helping coffee lovers like you find their new favorites every day! 

3. Our Business Standards:  

Trade is committed to building a more sustainable, ethical, and delicious coffee industry — from supporting the coffee farmers who grow the beans to sourcing eco-friendly materials to ship them in. That’s why every roaster we work with vows to maintain only the highest standards of freshness, sourcing, sustainability, and quality in their work.