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All-in-One Kits

The coffees we love to serve over ice, combined with Trade-tested equipment and accessories.

All in one kits

Making delicious cold brew at home has never been easier than with our Ovalware Cold Brew Kit. Begin with the ultra-stylish and ultra-simple Ovalware. This model features an air-tight lid to preserve freshness, an ergonomic handle and fits neatly in the door of your fridge. Then, choose from any of the four 2-lb (32 oz) roasts below—each handpicked by our coffee specialists to ensure a perfect cold brew experience. Trust us, one sip of cold brew from this kit and you’ll be hooked for good.
Our Mizudashi Cold Brew Kit includes everything you need to create amazing cold brew at home. We start with the Mizudashi from Hario—a favorite café-quality brewer among at-home coffee enthusiasts. Its compact size makes it ideal for brewing and storing in small spaces, ensuring not a single drop ever goes to waste. Then, we include a 2-lb (32 oz) roast of your choice below—handpicked by our coffee specialists to deliver impossibly delicious cold brew. Get ready to experience cold-brewed perfection in one simple kit.
Everything you need to transform hot coffee into incredible iced coffee at home you’ll find in the Coldwave Iced Coffee Kit. The Coldwave uses Snapchill Technology™️ to rapidly bring down the temperature of the hot coffee you regularly brew, without diluting any of the flavor (like pouring hot coffee over ice typically does). Your kit also includes a 2-lb (32 oz) roast of your choice below—handpicked by our coffee specialists to taste great, chilled or hot. P.S. We’re all coffee people here, but the Coldwave is also perfect for quickly chilling your favorite wine, beer or tea (just saying).
Make no more compromises on your cold coffee’s taste and temperature with the Tumbler FREEZE™ Cold Coffee Kit. Thanks to its freezable gel insulation, the travel-friendly tumbler ensures coffee stays perfectly chilled all day—without watering down a drop. Simply pop it in your freezer for at least two hours (we do it overnight!), make your cold coffee in the morning and pour it straight into the cup to enjoy at your leisure. Paired with every tumbler is a 2-lb (32 oz) roast of your choice—each one handpicked by our coffee specialists to shine over ice. Whether you’re team cold brew or iced coffee, the Tumbler FREEZE™ is always on your side.

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Ready-to-Drink Coffee

For the first time, your favorite specialty coffees from local roasters across the USA are ready when you are.

Ready to drink coffee

Parlor Coffee
Cold brew is only as good as the beans you make it with and Parlor selected the best for this chocolaty and smooth blend. Each box contains 12 servings (96 oz)—so feel free to make a splash with it at your next pool party, or keep it all to yourself for café-quality cold brew on demand. Shelf stable; please refrigerate after opening.
Joe’s honey-oat latte is a café-quality treat you can enjoy at home or on the road. Available in packs of 6 and 12 (8 fl oz) cans.
Caffe Vita
Nitro cold brew, as you probably guessed, is cold brew infused with nitrogen. The result? A slightly creamier texture courtesy of the nitrogen bubbles. Which is great because this one from Caffe Vita tastes like dessert with notes of chocolate, caramel and dark cherry. Available in packs of 6 and 12 (12 fl oz) cans.
Joe's canned cold brew is just as smooth and rich as the coffee you'd get at any of their NYC cafés. It’s delicious black, but also plays well with any milk of your choice. Available in packs of 6 and 12 (8 fl oz) cans.

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Cold Coffees

Discover our favorite iced and cold brew coffees from roasters across the USA.

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Iced Coffee
Hot Coffee

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