Tarrazu Espresso

George Howell

Boston, MA

Tarrazu Espresso

Syrupy & Smooth

Enjoy this classic cup of coffee from a master among roasters. Roasted to perfection for a smooth, rich, velvety espresso - but delicious any way you brew it.
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    • Milk Chocolate, Sweet Vanilla, Nut
    About the Roaster
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    Boston, MA
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    Fun Fact
    George Howell invented the Frappuccino – not those other guys!
    Tarrazu Espresso
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      January 2018
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      1,200 - 1,900
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      Caturra & Catuai
    Roaster’s Notes
    A South Italian Style Espresso Roast developed for smoothness and extra richness. Tarrazu is a land of small farmers in a tumultuous landscape of lush green peaks, some rising over 10,000 feet, and valleys. The climate has well defined seasons: the long dry season, from December to April, coincides perfectly with the coffee harvest, leading to very even, full ripening - ideal for preparing quality coffee.

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