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04 Honduras Las Flores

Sweet & Inviting

A misty mountain lake creates perfect growing conditions for this sweet, rich coffee from the tiny farm operated by Maria Baide, an independent grower.
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    • Brown Sugar, Ripe Fruit, Milk Chocolate
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    Oakland, CA
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    Fun Fact
    This Northern California roaster went international in 2018 and added a location in Seoul, South Korea.
    04 Honduras Las Flores
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      El Cielito, Santa Barbara
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      Maria Baide
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    Roaster’s Notes
    Our new 04 taps into multiple aspects of coffee cultivation that tease our collective curiosity: an independent female farmer, a unique microclimate, an unknown cultivar and a growing region full of promise. The farmers name is Maria Baide, who grows coffee on her 1.75 acre farm on the eastern side of Mount Santa Barbara, overlooking the massive Lake Yojoa in the Santa Barbara department of Honduras. Her farm is called Las Flores, and includes a micromill where she can wash and dry her coffee. Her work is supported by Beneficio San Vicente, a nearby dry mill, and is imported by our friends at Falcon. The microclimate surrounding Las Flores is created by the interplay between the lake, which creates a great deal of precipitation, and the steep mountain ridge, which collects this precipitation in the form of a mist that gets caught in the slope. This mist allows maximum sun exposure feeding the coffee trees while maintaining a low temperature, slowing the growing cycle, maximizing nutrient retention. The best coffees in Santa Barbara grow on this eastern slope and share a similar combination of flavors: juicy red fruits, prominent floral aromas, and super clean structure. However, the most interesting aspect of Maria’s coffee could be the cultivar, a type of Sarchimor (a cross between Villa Sarchi and Timor Hybrid) originally produced in Costa Rica, but recently cultivated in the Honduran growing region of Paraiso and nicknamed, “Parainema.” In addition to the uniqueness of the microclimate, this cultivar gives us an even more interesting glimpse into the terroir, exhibiting additional floral and tea-like qualities. The Santa Barbara region is one of Honduras’ most famously delicious regions, and accessing an experimental cultivar is interesting. It gives a unique glimpse into what’s possible here. As we’ve mentioned before, Honduras still stands as one of the most promising coffee origins in Latin America, with 50% of the total land arable for coffee but only 7% currently cultivated. There are many areas that are unexplored, and we’re excited to offer one of these delicious coffees.