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Frequently Asked Questions

Follow these simple steps to redeem your gift.

  1. Click the link directly in your gift email or select the gift you were given above.
  2. Take our quick quiz so we can learn about what kind of coffee you like.
  3. Use the code from your gift email or print out at checkout. 
  4. Enjoy! Delicious roasted-to-order coffee is on its way to you.

Not to worry! Contact a customer support agent at, give us a chat, or call us at (888) 252-8691 and we'll locate that gift code for you.

Our coffees come from an exclusive group of coffee roasters around the country (and we’ve tried almost all of them!). 

When you redeem your gift subscription, you’ll take a quick quiz to let us know what you like — from roast level to if you prefer that coffee arrives ground or whole bean. From there, we’ll pair you with a variety of single-origin coffees, blends, decafs, organic coffee, and more based on your preferences. Each batch of coffee is carefully roasted-to-order by one of more than 55+ coffee roasters in the US.

Of course, at any time you can swap our matches with choices of your own in your coffee queue.

Once your gift subscription ends you can always continue the subscription to keep the good stuff coming! You won’t be charged until you decide to continue. All of your taste and delivery preferences will remain as well.

First, we want to emphasize  that you will NEVER be charged for your gift. Adding a credit card is simply a website requirement to register your Trade account. 

Once your gift ends, you will not be charged unless you choose to continue your Trade subscription. ontact a customer support agent at, give us a chat, or call us at (888) 252-8691 if you have any questions.