Coffee Brewing Equipment & Supplies

Get started brewing no matter what your experience level with the best coffee makers and handiest accessories.


A coffee table centerpiece made for easy and enjoyable brewing.
Form complements function in this brewer so elegant it’s in the Museum of Modern Art.
Built to last a lifetime, super fast, and by far the most delicious coffee from an auto machine.
Serves 40 oz of coffee in six minutes, but keeps it warm for up to an hour with a thermal carafe.

Cold Brew

Mess free, hassle free, and plastic free, our Cold Brew Bags are the key to delicious homemade cold brew. Just fill with any of our coffees, tie, and steep for café-quality cold brew at home.


Simple, flexible, and perfect for those looking for their kitchen’s first burr grinder.
Fellow spent two years designing an even better version of their Ode grinder, which still features 31 grind settings and unique single dose loading.However, it now has an updated burr set that can grind finer and with more precision, as well as anti-static technology to keep your daily grind hassle-free.

Kettles & Scales

This plug-in gooseneck kettle is the key to achieving that classic, slow, spiral pour.
Slim design meets maximum accuracy with this scale that can handle up to 2,700 grams.
Features a precision pour spout, variable temp control, LCD screen, and a brew stopwatch.


The secret ingredient to achieving that distinctively clean Chemex cup.
Versatile and compatible with most cone-filter coffee makers.

Coffee Talk

Brew method affects taste in a bunch of ways. Pour overs pull out nuanced flavors; Chemex makes very clean cups; French press yields a thick, full-bodied cup; coffee makers brew consistent, larger pots of coffee. Moka pots make very intense, small amounts of coffee. AeroPress compacts flavors into a tight cup. Cold brew mellows out the acidity while boosting the flavors for a bold smooth cup.

It depends how involved you want to get–if you’re looking for ease, use a coffee maker or make cold brew. If you want to be more involved, but are worried about technique, go with Chemex. Want to be like my Italian Grandma? Get a moka pot. Camping and want something portable? Bring an AeroPress! Want to play around with your coffee? Then a pour over is for you.

All brew methods can be versatile, but I think Chemex is the most versatile. You can grind finely to make more of an immersion brew. All different levels of roast can work in a Chemex and taste beautiful! There’s no coffee that a Chemex can’t handle.