Agua Fria


Canton, GA

Agua Fria

Subtle & Delicate

This elegant coffee from Honduras features tons of floral aromatics and lemonade sweetness with faint hints of hazelnut.
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    • Florals, Citrus, Nut
    About the Roaster
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    Canton, GA
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    Fun Fact
    Directly from its family coffee farms in Honduras, this roaster pours the entirety of its heart and soul (or Alma in Spanish) into your cup of coffee.
    Agua Fria
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      San Sebastian
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      Sergio Molina
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      1,900 - 2,000
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      Pacas and Caturra
    Roaster’s Notes
    Named after the farm it comes from, Agua Fria is a delicious coffee grown from the San Sebastian, Lempira area of Honduras. We have roasted this coffee light and bright to bring out the delicious notes of oolong, sweet violet, and key lime meringue. We love making this coffee in a manual pour over and tasting first hand all the hard work and love that Sergio has put into this coffee!

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