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Batak, Sumatra


Batak, Sumatra

|12 oz.
All that we have come to expect from Sumatran coffees comes through here in spades. A thick, big-bodied cup with a wine-like acidity and a combination of dried fruit, chocolate, and earthy notes.
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  • About the Roaster
    Oakland, CA
    Fun Fact
    Highwire started a Tenant Roasting Program – allowing others to rent space in its facility – to mentor the next generation of coffee roasters.
    Batak, Sumatra
    • Process
      Washed, Wet-hulled
    • Varietal
    Roaster’s Notes
    Classic Sumatra character, this Rustic Charmer has a potent musty aroma; dense body, rustic cherry and herbal flavor with a strong finish. Grown and processed in the Lintong region near Lake Toba, "Batak" refers to the ethnic group and indigenous culture in the northern part of the Indonesian island of Sumatra.