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Bella Carmona, Guatemala


Bella Carmona, Guatemala

|12 oz.
A sticky, full body highlights this dense, raisiny coffee. Accents of lime zest and a reliable caramel sweetness complete this wonderfully chewy brewy.
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  • About the Roaster
    Oakland, CA
    Fun Fact
    Highwire started a Tenant Roasting Program – allowing others to rent space in its facility – to mentor the next generation of coffee roasters.
    Bella Carmona, Guatemala
    • Process
    • Sub Region
    • Varietal
      Bourbon, Caturra
    • Elevation
      1,500 - 1,650
    Roaster’s Notes
    This beautifully balanced coffee comes to us from the Zelaya family in one of Guatemala’s most beautiful and captivating valleys, Antigua. The cup is sweet, dense and zesty with bright acidity and notes of caramel, chocolate and blackberry. It offers an exquisite roundness and pleasant mouth-feel.