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What's on the Outside Also Counts With These Bags

With packaging this nice, you’ll want to keep these coffees on display.

by Team Trade | February 26, 2019

With packaging this nice, you’ll want to keep these coffees on display.

Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover! We say it’s OK to be a little superficial when the coffee inside is just as incredible as its packaging — and these eight roasters certainly check both boxes. Read on to see the designs so good you won’t want to hide them away in the cabinet!


Introduced in 2018, Huckleberry’s vibrant “psychedelic camo” bags were inspired by the work of graphic designers like Milton Glaser.

Huckleberry Sound & Vision ($20)


Blueprint’s Bauhaus-inspired architectural design isn’t just for show. The functional color-coded motif highlights key flavor notes and useful information.

Blueprint Penrose ($18.25)


Celebrating the link between people and machinery, Máquina's packaging depicts a female hand to honor women’s role in coffee.

Máquina Parts & Labor Blend ($18)


Taking after the Turkish flag as a nod to coffee’s deep roots, Ritual’s logo has a prominent place on its packaging, which was designed to resemble a gift wrapped in a keepsake belly band.

Ritual Oscar Fernandez ($19)


Inspired by the tag on your favorite T-shirt, Madcap’s signature white nylon label takes a fashionable approach to design that reflects the luxuriousness of its coffee.

Madcap El Porvenir ($18)


Created with a dual focus on the environment and design, Parlor’s recyclable sugarcane-based polyethylene packaging features the roaster’s reverent botanical motif.

Parlor Prospect ($16.50)

Coffee Manufactory

Letterpressed with eco-friendly water-based ink, Coffee Manufactory's minimalist bags reflect a “simple, humble, and global approach”.

Coffee Manufactory 11 Dark Blend ($20)