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New Arrivals: Holiday Blends

Comfort and joy in a mug.

by Maciej Kasperowicz | November 30, 2020

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Our roasters' holiday blends are rolling in and we couldn't be more excited to share these tasty, seasonal flavors.

Keep them for yourself, or gift them to friends and family to enjoy for many mornings to come. Here, our favorite holiday blends (and don't forget to continue checking back, we'll be updating this post as new coffees arrive!).

Stay Golden Deck the Halls

There’s a terrific balance of cranberry tartness and walnut sweetness in this blend, but if you’re looking for a coffee that actually tastes like Christmas, there’s a piney note in the background that delights.

Stay Golden Deck the Halls ($18)

Novo holiday blend v19

Novo’s seasonal blends are without fail creative and delicious. If you’re in the market for a combo of beans you’re unlikely to see anywhere else, this blend of washed and natural Nicaraguan coffees delivers with tropical sweetness and deep-chocolate flavor.

Novo Holiday Blend v. 19 ($18)

Kuma BEar Claus

The coffee inside is delicious - a mellow combo of fruit and brown sugar flavors that most any kind of coffee drinker will love. But if you’re looking for the bag that will look most Christmasy on your counter, Bear Claus is easily the winner.

Kuma Bear Claus ($19)

Madcap holiday fusion

You can lean into “wintery” flavors, or you can go for flavors that remind you of warmer climates. This bright, punchy blend with flavors of key lime and berry punch hits the latter category.

Madcap Holiday Fusion ($19)

Joe Rockefeller

I’m not sure if “a reminder of the romance of New York City in winter” is something I’ve ever been able to attribute to a coffee, but the absurdly cute rendering of the Rockefeller Center ice rink on the bag from the vaunted NYC roaster gives us just that, with beans full of sticky cherry sweetness to boot.

Joe Rockefeller ($20)

Huck Sister Winter

For a reasonable coffee facsimile of sitting by the fire with a mug of mulled wine, go for this blend of washed and natural Guatemalas from Huckleberry. Its dark berry and clove flavor profile is comforting and eye opening in equal measure.

Huckleberry Sister Winter ($21)

Verve Holiday Blend

For those who’d ideally love to spend their holidays on vacation, the tropical fruit notes in Verve’s winter blend make for a perfect companion to an imagined escape. Flavors of lychee combine beautifully with brown sugar sweetness.

Verve Holiday Blend ($23.55)

bird rock naughty

If you're curious about earthy Sumatran coffees, but don’t want to fully commit, the darker of Bird Rock’s two holiday blends combines that typical Sumatra flavor with a chocolaty Guatemalan for a sweet, balanced entry point.

Bird Rock Naughty ($19)

Bird Rock Nice

Ethiopian and Colombian coffees are both typically somewhat citrusy. So it should come as no surprise that this blend of the two leads with plenty of sweet citrus. If you’re looking for a coffee that tastes like something that’d get your Vitamin C up in the winter months, this is a nice one indeed.

Bird Rock Nice ($19)

orens holiday blend

If you think a fruit basket is a great holiday present (and I must confess I think it’s a great one), this wildly fruity and sweet blend from Oren’s might be the perfect coffee for your holiday table. Think tangerine, blueberries, and pears, oh my!

Oren’s Holiday Blend ($18)

Sterling holiday blend

If you like your December activities warm, comforting, but also a little tipsy, Sterling’s Holiday Blend comes through a nostalgic and toasty medium-dark roast that reveals flavors of mulled wine alongside that tasty roast and chocolate.

Sterling Holiday Blend ($17.95)

caffe vita holiday blend

For fans of darker roasts, this is probably the toastiest holiday blend we’ve received this year. Caffe Vita’s expertise at teasing lasting sweetness and syrupy body out of their darker roasts is a gift we can all enjoy.

Caffe Vita Holiday Blend ($17)

Temple Festivity Blend

A first sip of this Sacramento holiday blend pops with celebratory lime acidity, which as it cools seamlessly integrates itself into a complex, delicious sweetness. It’s a holiday blend for everyone who likes their beverages on the zingy side.

Temple Festivity Blend ($19)

city of saints non denominational holiday party

Looking for a holiday blend that’ll yield a unique and delicious shot of espresso. This blend of Ethiopian and Brazilian coffees has both a clear blueberry note and the kind of creamy, chocolaty body that does great in an espresso machine.

City of Saints Non-Denominational Holiday Party ($21)

ReAnimator Holiday Blend

This seasonal special will warm you right up with a creamy body that reminds us of a cup of hot cocoa, plus some gentle citrusy sweetness.

ReAnimator Holiday Blend ($22.49)

irving farm holiday edition

For a bright start to your holiday season, check out Irving Farm’s single origin Colombia. We taste zingy, green apple-like acidity with a side of comforting walnut sweetness.

Irving Farm Holiday Edition ($17)