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These Four-Legged Roaster Mascots Will Rival Your Love for Coffee

Meet the adorable dogs (nearly!) stealing the show from the coffee.

by Team Trade | August 26, 2019

Meet the adorable dogs (nearly!) stealing the show from the coffee.

Like most non-allergic humans, coffee professionals are far from immune to the charms of dogs. Though they can't exactly partake in the product and various health codes keep their cute little paws at an arm's-reach, these pups are no less loyal to their roasters!

To celebrate National Dog Day, we asked our roasting partners to tell us about the furry friends who are particularly important to their companies. And boy oh boy did we get some sweet replies!

Agador at Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea

Agador the dog at Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea— Photo Credit: @poochofnyc

Tay from Intelligentsia introduced us to Agador, who along with his brother is a regular at their High Line location in NYC (pictured here with one fan, Intelligentsia CEO James McLaughlin).

Bonny at DOMA Coffee Roasting Company

Bonny the dog at DOMA Coffee Roasting Company

Bonny, an Australian Shepard/Border Collie mix, proudly wears the title of the official dog of DOMA! A lady never reveals her age, though we hear she is 12-years-old (give or take a few). And, according to Co-Founder Terry Patano, she is a very valued employee, "Bonny has been to work with us every day!"

Among her best qualities, she is an "Excellent judge of character." While barking at people she doesn't know is one favorite pastimes, her energetic personality is what really makes Bonny the team mascot: "She loves jumping from coffee stack to coffee stack. Seriously, what is not awesome about bringing your dog to work everyday and hanging out?"

Stevie at Temple Coffee Roasters

Stevie the dog at Temple Coffee Roasters

Wilhelm from Temple in Sacramento sent us this shot of Stevie, who is "The best little sweet pup in the world and her parents, Dave and Jamie, are long-time regulars and friends of Temple Coffee."

Wilson at Dogwood Coffee

Wilson the dog at Dogwood Coffee

Lauren writes, "at Dogwood Coffee Northeast & Roastery, we have an office dog who is here just about every day! His name is Wilson. He’s a standard poodle and he’s almost two years old. We lovingly titled him Office Mascot/Stress Reliever/Wellness Coach." One bone dry puppaccino for Wilson, please!

Stella at Spyhouse Coffee Roasters

Stella the dog at Spyhouse Coffee Roasters

Angie from Spyhouse introduced us to Stella, pictured here with Spyhouse owner Christian Johnson at their flagship cafe and roastery. "Part Border Collie and part Lab, she’s full of energy and as gentle as a bunny," says Angie, "She lights up the office every time she stops in for a visit."