Staff Picks: Honoring Earth Day, One Coffee at a Time

Staff Picks: Honoring Earth Day, One Coffee at a Time

How our roasters get it done — from Fair Trade coffees to sustainable packaging initiatives.
by Ada Santiago | April 21, 2022

We love discovering new coffees at home as much as you do! So, we’re letting you in on Team Trade’s current favorites with our weekly series, Staff Picks.

On Earth day, we appreciate all the planet has given us: clear skies, fresh air, great beach days, and gorgeous views! Although individual changes to daily life certainly help to preserve Earth’s beauty and resources, it’s also important to look into the ways our communities maintain eco-friendly standards.

My family has many low-waste practices: reusing grocery bags and take-out containers, thrifting new clothes, and reupholstering furniture to give it new life. Friends often gift us propagated plants: not just a present, but a shared piece of Earth between the community. We care for each plant well enough to give sprouts to our loved ones.

In that vein, I chose these coffees not only for their excellent taste, but for the sustainabile practices these roasters bring to the coffee community!

Necessary recently launched plant-based compostable coffee pouches. They also launched a program to reuse shipping packaging to lower their environmental impact compared to single use packaging. Plus, I love drinking this blend as a deliciously sweet and smooth cup for the morning or tasty treat later in the day!

Drink Coffee Do Stuff strives for sustainability in many of its practices, even posting on soical media about ways to get involved in their local Lake Tahoe area! Bark At The Moon is one of DCDS’ Fair Trade and Certified Organic coffees, making sure safe labor and sustainability standards are maintained throughout the supply chain. There’s a slightly smoky ending to this decadent and bold coffee that puts a little extra pep in my step in the morning, especially when topped with a splash of almond milk!

Joe has several Rainforest Alliance Certified coffees, which follow strict sustainable agricultural practices for better environmental and livelihood standards for farms and farmers. With a smooth, chocolaty, and nutty balance this coffee has a welcoming taste I was happy to share with loved ones.

Gimme's Leftist Espresso is a blend of two Fair Trade coffees: Peru Rutas del Inca and Guatemala Guaya’b. With a smooth body and hints of dark chocolate and cherry, this espresso brings me back to my days as a barista pairing this with oat milk for a delicious cortado or latte.

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