Trending Now: New and Improved

Trending Now: New and Improved

Look who's back...
by Maciej Kasperowicz | January 12, 2021

Coffee, like most delicious crops, is seasonal. And while, on one hand, that means a coffee you love might suddenly run out, it also means there’s a great chance it’ll be back next year — better than ever.

Developing relationships with roasters who develop relationships with farmers and importers allows us to taste coffees year after year and see how they change and, in most cases, improve. Here are some old favorites that have returned in the last few months.

gimme las penitas

Gimme has been working with Jorge Benitez to source this coffee for almost a decade! His coffee is consistently comforting, with notes of chocolate and sweet roasted nuts, offset by just a little bit of sweet citrus.

Gimme! Honduras Las Peñitas ($18)

madcap reko

We’ve been enjoying the floral bouquet of this classic washed Ethiopian coffee for what seems like ages. This year, we taste a fun little bit of baking spice mixing in there with the expected, though no less outstanding, notes jasmine and kumquat.

Madcap Ethiopia Reko ($19)

temple costa rica venecia

This year, Temple has taken to offering this honey process coffee from the central valley of Costa Rica as a coffee specifically roasted for espresso. It has the same caramel and dark fruit notes of years past, but feels even more syrupy.

Temple Costa Rica Sonora Estate Single Origin Espresso ($20.50)

irving farm Monserrate

A standby of Irving Farm’s menu for years, this classic Colombian coffee is deliciously nutty with balancing orange acidity. It continues to present a cup that’s bright enough for adventurous palates and comforting enough for anyone.

Irving Farm Monserrate ($14.75)

Dune Honduras Olvin Fernandez Bourbon

This single variety lot from Honduras brings a smile to our faces every year. This year’s version keeps the delicious acidity, but we think the body has gotten even creamier and more pleasant to sip.

Dune Honduras Olvin Fernandez Bourbon ($21)

Red RoosterHonduras Mujale

We’ve loved this coffee from an indigineous women’s cooperative in the southwestern Honduras for a few years now, and this year’s version doubles down on chocolaty flavor and rich, long aftertaste that’ll stay with you for a long time.

Red Rooster Honduras Mujale ($14.75)

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