Burundi Gitwe Washed


Denver, CO

Burundi Gitwe Washed

Sweet & Tart

With plenty of bright fruitiness and dried apricot sweetness, we're digging this one brewed directly over ice - but it's just as stunning when brewed hot.
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    • Citrus, Ripe Fruit, Brown Sugar
    About the Roaster
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    Denver, CO
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    Fun Fact
    Huckleberry’s Head Roaster, Shelby, holds the 2019 US Roasting Champion title, so you can sip easy knowing your beans are well-pampered and roasted to perfection.
    Burundi Gitwe Washed
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    • Muramvya Province icon
      Sub Region
      Muramvya Province
    • Long Miles Coffee Project icon
      Long Miles Coffee Project
    • 1750 - 1900 icon
      1750 - 1900
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    Roaster’s Notes
    Huckleberry has been working with the Long Miles Coffee Project in Burundi since its first harvest, and the coffees seem to keep getting better each year. This washed coffee comes from farmers on Gitwe Hill, and is a special day lot selection from the 38th day of the 2017 harvest. We taste apricot, date, bright citrus, and brown sugar, with just a subtle hint of spice. This is one of our favorite coffees of the moment, and we think you'll dig it, too.

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