Nelsonville, WI

Burundi Munyinya

Sweet & Tart

One of the standout coffees involved in the Long Miles Coffee Project, this one embodies everything to love from the region: crisp, reliable, potent cups.
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    • Citrus, Ripe Fruit, Brown Sugar
    About the Roaster
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    Nelsonville, WI
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    Fun Fact
    Fewer than 200 people live in Ruby’s hometown of Nelsonville, Wisconsin.
    Burundi Munyinya
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      Munyinya hill
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      Mar-June 2017 2017
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      1900 - 2000
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      Bourbon and Jackson
    Roaster’s Notes
    Our first release in a series of remarkable day lots in conjunction with the Long Miles Coffee Project from Burundi. This coffee come to us from the Heza washing station in conjunction with Long Miles Coffee Project, a project launched by Ben and Kristy Carlson to connect roasters worldwide with Burundi's amazing (and emerging) coffee growers. We've been in touch with Ben since the inception of Ruby in 2013 and are excited to offer more of their lovely coffees this season! We selected this lot for its Kenyan-like complexity and its crisp, juicy qualities. Surely will redefine your sense of Burundi's potential to produce amazing coffee.