Cadence Blend


Sacramento, CA

Cadence Blend

Comforting & Rich

All the sweet, rich joys of chocolate milk—with all the boost of coffee. Blended and roasted and blended again, this cup is almost too easy to drink.
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    • Milk Chocolate, Citrus, Sweet Vanilla
    About the Roaster
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    Sacramento, CA
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    Fun Fact
    Since 2011, Temple Coffee Roasters has had 138 coffees score above 90 points from Coffee Review. That comes to roughly one 90+ score per month for a decade.
    Cadence Blend
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    Roaster’s Notes
    At Temple, we're all about active living. From rock climbers to marathon runners to competitive cycling, many of our employees are outdoor enthusiasts. Recently, we've teamed with the Sacramento Valley Velodrome Association to help bring our local community a diverse, family-friendly bike park to our area. Our vision includes a velodrome, cyclocross and super cross BMX tracks, a mountain bike skills course, pump track, and more! We're extremely excited to present the Cadence Blend, a coffee for to support this cause. In cycling, cadence (or pedalling rate) is the number of revolutions of the crank per minute, the rate at which a cyclist is turning the pedals. It's fitting then that <strong>50 cents of every bag of Cadence Blend sold will be donated to support the Sac Bike Park Project,</strong> helping to keep the pedals moving on this project as we work toward fulfilling our vision. The coffee itself is a unique take on a coffee blend. We've used our Brazil Matas De Minas, itself a blend of three regions of Brazil, and roasted it two ways: light and medium-dark. We then blend those roast profiles to create a very enjoyable, accessible coffee that tastes like milk chocolate in a cup.

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