Colombia, Tio Conejo - Catw


Greenville, SC

Colombia, Tio Conejo - Catw

Funky & Fruity

Careful sorting, a unique cleaning process, and two separate fermentations all contribute to this coffee's delicious flavor. Strawberry sweetness and white wine acidity stand out for us, in addition to all kinds of fruit notes.
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    • Berry Fruit, Ripe Fruit, Tropical Fruit
    About the Roaster
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    Greenville, SC
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    Fun Fact
    Methodical’s bags were designed by a local artist, with the intention to bring its café experience into your home.
    Colombia, Tio Conejo - Catw
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    Roaster’s Notes
    The processing begins with sorting the coffee cherries to remove unripe or low density cherries. Then the cherries are cleaned with Ozone gas and UV light. The first fermentation lasts just for 24 hours where the coffee cherries are immersed in water with a PH of 6 and with one specific type of yeast. The beans are depulped and placed in air tight fermentation bioreactors for the second fermentation of 36 hours in water with a PH of 5.

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