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Colombia Inza de Cauca Espresso


Sacramento, CA

Colombia Inza de Cauca Espresso

|12 oz.
A name to know in the coffee world, this single-origin is from a top-tier region in Colombia. And when you taste this cohesive roast, you’ll know why.
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    Sacramento, CA
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    Fun Fact
    Since 2011, Temple Coffee Roasters has had 138 coffees score above 90 points from Coffee Review. That comes to roughly one 90+ score per month for a decade.
    Colombia Inza de Cauca Espresso
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    Roaster’s Notes
    Inza is a province in the Cauca department of Colombia. This growing region has been on the forefront of the specialty coffee scene in Colombia for the last few years. While we do see a lot of single lot coffees from this region we feel like one of Inza’s strength lies in their specialty grade cooperative lots, much like this one. This lot is comprised of coffees from a number of small lot farmers in Inza that have grouped their coffees together in order to create a higher quality lot that will fetch a greater price on the specialty market that would not be available to them on their own. This is a fairly standard practice in lower quality coffees but in recent years we have seen high-grade specialty blends like these blow us away on the cupping table. The practice comes from Ethiopia and Kenya where the market is mainly small lot farmers that belong to cooperatives and buying groups that aide their agendas in the open market. In Colombia, we have been seeing lots like these pop-up and amaze us with their sweetness, cohesion, and clarity. This lot is not short in any of those categories. We have been enjoying this lot here in the roasterie and we are excited to share it with our customers. Enjoy!

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