Nelsonville, WI

Colombia Irene Burbano

Comforting & Rich

This one’s all about range: the range of land traveled to bring it from a small farm to your cup, and the range of taste you’ll experience once you sip.
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    • Milk Chocolate, Nut, Savoriness
    About the Roaster
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    Nelsonville, WI
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    Fun Fact
    Fewer than 200 people live in Ruby’s hometown of Nelsonville, Wisconsin.
    Colombia Irene Burbano
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      Buesaco, Nariño
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      Elvia Irene Burbano
    • May - Sep 2017 2017 icon
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      May - Sep 2017 2017
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      2050 - 2050
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    Roaster’s Notes
    This coffee is all about range, complexity, and balance. A lovely example of how great Colombian coffee can be. For the second consecutive season we're very happy to offer Elvia Irene Burbano's coffee from her farm El Chimbo. Irene has a small micro mill on her farm to process her own coffee, allowing for very careful attention to all aspects of this coffee's quality. Most of the farms in this part of Colombia are very, very small so it's really quite remarkable to see the logistics line up to bring in these small lots. In the cup Elvia Irene's coffee is juicy and fruit-forward, with notes of cherry, orange peel, chocolate-covered almonds. Crisp, lively acidity that dances across the palate with delicate notes of dried fruits.