Colombia, Monteblanco - Passion Fruit Washed


Greenville, SC

Colombia, Monteblanco - Passion Fruit Washed

Funky & Fruity

This incredibly unique coffee is fermented alongside passion fruit as it's processed, lending tons of tropical fruity acidity along with a candy-like sweetness that keeps it nicely balanced.
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    • Tropical Fruit, Citrus, Brown Sugar
    About the Roaster
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    Greenville, SC
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    Fun Fact
    Methodical’s bags were designed by a local artist, with the intention to bring its café experience into your home.
    Colombia, Monteblanco - Passion Fruit Washed
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    Roaster’s Notes
    Flavored coffee isn't too uncommon in the coffee world. This is often done by adding flavoring agents after the coffee has been roasted. Though our coffees feature tasting notes, our coffees have never been flavored, but the notes simply describe what we think the coffee tastes like. This coffee on the other hand, is co-fermented with passion fruit by the coffee farmer with the intention of imparting additional flavor to the coffee.

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