Redlands, CA

Come Together Coffee

Balanced & Fruity

Combining two classic specialty orgins, washed coffee from Huehuetenango in Guatemala and naturally-processed coffee from Guji in Ethiopia, this coffee takes us on a journey from ripe and candy-like fruit flavors to comforting notes of chocolate, tasting delicious throughout.
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    • Ripe Fruit, Milk Chocolate, Citrus
    About the Roaster
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    Redlands, CA
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    Fun Fact
    In 2016, co-owner Austin Amento won the US Cup Tasters Championship and barista Blair Smith placed fourth at the US Brewers Cup.
    Come Together Coffee
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      Washed, Natural/Dry Processed
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      Heirloom, Bourbon
    Roaster’s Notes
    As long as we’ve been Augie’s, there have been two origins that have been the backbone of how we serve our community — this blend symbolizes the importance of those two origins, and how they ‘come together’ for Augie’s drinkers.