Dirty Bird


Grand Rapids, MI

Dirty Bird

Roasty & Smoky

Full bodied and roasty, with plenty of sweetness: this rich cup stands up to milk as well as it stands on its own.
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    • Roastiness, Milk Chocolate, Nut
    About the Roaster
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    Grand Rapids, MI
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    Fun Fact
    Sparrows’ “icon” image is two pods by artist and friend Jeff Kraus, who was once a shop regular. He originally painted them in 2016 as a 30-foot mural on the side of Sparrows’ building.
    Dirty Bird
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      Bourbon, typica, castillo
    Roaster’s Notes
    As flirty as it is dirty, pairing lush sweetness with flavors of mild roast and smoke. Now uncaged for your drinking pleasure.

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