El Mural


Denver, CO

El Mural

Sweet & Inviting

Full bodied and just downright pleasant, El Mural features a hazelnut-chocolaty sweetness that yields to fruity notes of black cherry.
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    • Nut, Ripe Fruit, Milk Chocolate
    About the Roaster
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    Denver, CO
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    Fun Fact
    This Denver roaster operates on vintage Vittoria machines, one of which is powered by a Ferrari motor.
    El Mural
    • Pulped Natural/Honey icon
      Pulped Natural/Honey
    • Chalatenango icon
      Sub Region
    • November - March 2019-2020 icon
      Harvest Time
      November - March 2019-2020
    • 1,500 - 1,800 icon
      1,500 - 1,800
    • Pacamara icon
    Roaster’s Notes
    El Mural is a semi-washed, Pacamara coffee grown small producers in and around the areas of La Palma and Citala, El Salvador. This area is a part of the Montecristo Trifinio, a national park shared between El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Montecristo Trifinio was designated as a biosphere reserve in 2011 and the richness of this coffee’s land can be tasted in the final cup, which is sweet and full, with deep chocolate notes and a juicy cherry flavor.

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