Ethiopia - Basha Bekele #30


Greenville, SC

Ethiopia - Basha Bekele #30

Funky & Fruity

A candy-like sweetness combines with bright notes of raspberry and cherry, complimented by a pleasant hibiscus florality.
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    • Berry Fruit, Florals, Ripe Fruit
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    Greenville, SC
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    Fun Fact
    Methodical’s bags were designed by a local artist, with the intention to bring its café experience into your home.
    Ethiopia - Basha Bekele #30
    • Natural/Dry Processed icon
      Natural/Dry Processed
    • Sidama icon
      Sub Region
    • Basha Bekele icon
      Basha Bekele
    • 2,230 - 2,230 icon
      2,230 - 2,230
    • 74158, 74112 icon
      74158, 74112
    Roaster’s Notes
    Basha Bekele is a coffee farmer in the Bombe village of Sidama, Ethiopia. On Basha's farm, red ripe coffee cherries are harvested by hand-picking, a very labor intensive effort. The carefully harvested cherries are then spread out in thin layers on special raised drying tables. This coffee has had very meticulous care, and our hope is to carry this out to its fullest potential!

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