Ethiopia Guji Uraga Haro Lebetu


Portland, OR

Ethiopia Guji Uraga Haro Lebetu

Subtle & Delicate

Notes of fresh peach and black tea are complemented by a sugary lemonade sweetness and hints of cocoa.
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    • Ripe Fruit, Spice, Milk Chocolate
    About the Roaster
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    Portland, OR
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    Fun Fact
    Sterling’s dapper cafe staff wears formal attire to convey the brand’s superior customer service and attention to detail.
    Ethiopia Guji Uraga Haro Lebetu
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    Roaster’s Notes
    At last! Every year we look forward to getting in a washed Ethiopia from the Guji region. This year's offering is dynamite. The first thing you'll notice is a brilliant pop of acidity right up front: it's balance, like peach, but crisp, too, like peach skin or champagne grapes. That acidity structures the cup as it cools, taking its place alongside more traditional flavors like bergamot and honey.

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