Los Angeles, CA

Ethiopia Heirloom - Single Origin

Chocolaty & Sweet

Plum, citrus, and tea notes are supported by a slightly heavier body than you'd expect in this tasty treat. Not to mention, it offers up some chocolate notes to boot.
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    • Milk Chocolate, Citrus, Ripe Fruit
    About the Roaster
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    Los Angeles, CA
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    Fun Fact
    This roaster repurposed a historic North Hollywood train depot for one of its cafes.
    Ethiopia Heirloom - Single Origin
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      Natural/Dry Processed
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    Roaster’s Notes
    Throughout the year, the flavors of coffee subtly change. This affects how we buy it, roast it, and sell it. Sometimes, we don't have a coffee in stock because we have done too good of a job selling it and exhausted our supply. Sometimes, as the coffee changes throughout the year, it doesn't take on "positive" notes and is removed from our list of offerings. Coffee comes from a fruit and, as such, it has very distinct growing and harvesting seasons. Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and has one of the widest ranges of flavors on the coffee spectrum — from floral, citrus-y, and tea-like to wine-y, fruity, and chocolate-y. In addition, Ethiopian coffees are consistently among the most popular single-origin offerings that we carry. We have decided to bring back the idea of a blend we offered in 2014, and carry it full-time to appease those who clamor for that Ethiopian coffee year-round. We've created a blend of heirloom varieties from multiple sources in Ethiopia. We have combined both washed and natural processes to bring together a dynamic blending of both flavor profiles: clean, sweet, and articulate with deep fruit notes and a silky texture. We are planning to carry this blend year-round, so as the coffee harvests come in and the different lots of Ethiopia pass through our cupping lab, we can offer a consistently delicious product, month in and month out.