Ethiopia Worka Chelbessa


Chicago, IL

Ethiopia Worka Chelbessa

Subtle & Delicate

Floral and honey-sweet with a punchy lemonade acidity make this washed Ethiopian a shining example of why washed Ethiopians rule.
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    • Florals, Citrus, Tropical Fruit
    About the Roaster
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    Chicago, IL
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    Fun Fact
    By definition, Metric means "a system or standard of measurement," which this roaster applies to everything from the batches they roast to the coffee they brew.
    Ethiopia Worka Chelbessa
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      Sub Region
      Worka Chelbessa
    • Dec 2019-Jan 2020 icon
      Harvest Time
      Dec 2019-Jan 2020
    • 1,900 - 2,200 icon
      1,900 - 2,200
    • 1974-1975 JARC selections & local landraces icon
      1974-1975 JARC selections & local landraces
    Roaster’s Notes
    In 2017, Neguesse started operating his first site in Worka Chelbessa, but quickly expanded in 2019 by buying another washing station a few kilometers away in a small area sub area of Worka Chelbessa called Danche. The two sites, run by Negusse and his team, execute immaculate washed and natural processed coffees, but also create unique experimental lots in an effort to always keep improving their quality.

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