Fazenda Morada dos Passaros Brazil


Portland, OR

Fazenda Morada dos Passaros Brazil

Chocolaty & Sweet

Classic Brazilian flavors of roaster walnut and chocolaty sweetness, balanced with a squeeze of grapefruity acidity.
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    • Nut, Milk Chocolate, Citrus
    About the Roaster
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    Portland, OR
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    Fun Fact
    Sterling’s dapper cafe staff wears formal attire to convey the brand’s superior customer service and attention to detail.
    Fazenda Morada dos Passaros Brazil
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    Roaster’s Notes
    "Morada dos Passaros" is Portuguese for "Home of the Birds," a tribute to the variety of birdlife on this farm. We love Brazil coffee for its intense sweetness and nuttiness, but only recently started featuring them as single-origin offerings. The Morada is a full-natural Brazil, which gives it a syrupy body and faint berry aftertaste. The cup is super balanced on its own, but if you add a splash of cream you'll taste something akin to pecan pie!

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