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Brazil Fazenda Pantano


Austin, TX

Brazil Fazenda Pantano

|12 oz.
Experimentation lead Wagner Ferarro to grow only yellow coffee cherries because of their high sugar content which shows through in this rich, chocolatey cup.
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    About the Roaster
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    Austin, TX
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    Fun Fact
    This ahead-of-the-curve roaster cans hemp oil cold brew!
    Brazil Fazenda Pantano
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      Wagner Ferrero
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      Yellow Catuai, Yellow Bourbon
    Roaster’s Notes
    Wagner Ferrero is one of the largest producers of Brazilian specialty coffee. He does it all! Wagner is a an Electrical Engineer, Coffee Grower, Taster, Community Leader, and Total Nerd! Often experimenting in his nursery with varietals, growing, and processing methods. He exclusively grows Yellow colored cherries because of a test he conducted to measue sugar content revealed they had the most. In spite of not being a self proclaimed environmentalist, he describes his practices as such:“I just think the least the grower can do is to take care of the soil, give back to the earth what is given, protect the soil and think on the future. It is a trade off relationship. The nature is wise and vindictive”.

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