Gatomboya, Kenya


Lancaster, PA

Gatomboya, Kenya

Subtle & Delicate

Get your paradoxes in before 8 a.m., with this cup that proves elegance can be powerful, and coffee can be both balanced and extreme. A standout with restraint.
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    • Ripe Fruit, Sweet Vanilla, Spice
    About the Roaster
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    Lancaster, PA
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    Fun Fact
    Passenger's Isuzu box truck that transports each week's allotment of green coffee from freezer to roastery is named Suzy.
    Gatomboya, Kenya
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      1600 - 2800
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      SL28 and SL34
    Roaster’s Notes
    Many of our favorite coffees come from Kenya. Many of those coffees come from Nyeri County in the Central Province of Kenya. The acidic loam soil, plant genetics and processing interact in unimaginable ways that when grown, processed, roasted and prepared properly, create a cup that is at once balanced and extreme. Elegant and powerful. A classic Nyeri profile, this 2017 AA lot from Gatomboya possess heightened sweetness and acidity. The fruited qualities are reminiscent of fresh raspberry and blackcurrant (a tasting note fairly unique to Kenyan coffees), underpinned by a plush nougat-like quality.

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