Guatemala, Twi' Ha


Coatesville, PA

Guatemala, Twi' Ha

Sweet & Tart

The rich sweetness of chocolate and hazelnuts is a perfect match for this cup's tangy blood orange acidity.
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    • Citrus, Milk Chocolate, Nut
    About the Roaster
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    Coatesville, PA
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    Fun Fact
    Meaning machine in Spanish, Máquina celebrates coffee’s link between people and the roaster.
    Guatemala, Twi' Ha
    • Washed icon
    • Huehuetenango icon
      Sub Region
    • Armando Gomez icon
      Armando Gomez
    • 1750 - 1940 icon
      1750 - 1940
    • pache verde, caturra, bourbon icon
      pache verde, caturra, bourbon
    Roaster’s Notes
    Finca Chalum is owned and run by Armando Gomez but was originally owned by his grandfather, Eusebio Gomez and has been working the farm since he was 23. Located in Todos Santos, Huehuetenango his policy on this farm has been to reinvest at every turn, which has proven the better way to use these additional funds. He has been able to build a patio and processing materials. During the next harvest he was able to buy out his neighbor (the upper farm… at 1,940 meters above sea level) which is super high up! We are excited to see what he can produce there with al of his knowledge gained from the years of working Finca Chalum.

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