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French Press

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  • Arrow Right Enjoying with Milk
  • Arrow Right Darker Roasts


Makes 4–6 Servings, 4 min

  • French Press
    French Press
    34 oz
  • Spoon or Stirrer
    Spoon or Stirrer
  • 200º Water
    200º Water
    34 oz (1000 ml)
  • Coarse Ground Coffee
    Coarse Ground Coffee
    2.5 oz (67 g) – About 5 Tbsp
Step 1
Warm Things Up
Preheat the French Press by filling it with hot water, to make sure your coffee stays hot while brewing. Psst...this is great time to grind your coffee. Empty French Press before continuing.
Step 2
Add Your Coffee
Add the coarsely ground coffee to the carafe. (Remember to measure! The right coffee:water ratio is integral to a good cup.)
Step 3
Bloom for Enhanced Flavor
Start your timer. Fill the French press about halfway in a spiraling pour, so the water evenly saturated the grounds. You may notice your grounds “growing” in the hot water. This process is called blooming and it helps prepare the grounds to be brewed to perfection. Wait until the timer reads 30 seconds before continuing.
Step 4
Fill & Stir
Fill the carafe the rest of the way and give the coffee a gentle stir. Place the lid on the French Press (resist the urge to press down) so the plunger is just touching the water.
Step 5
Wait for It
When the timer reads 4:00 min, your coffee’s ready! Finally, you can press the plunger all the way down, until all the grounds are packed on the bottom. Don’t break your French Press by over pressing.
Step 6
Pour the coffee from the French Press into your cup or travel mug and you’re good to go. Don’t leave any extra coffee in your French Press for later, it’ll get bitter from oversteeping. If you have any left over, put it in a cup or jar and stick it in the fridge. Now you have iced coffee for when you get home. Bon travail!
Coffee Talk
Our Coffee Expert Says
How Coarse Should French Press Grinds Be?
Because a French press is an immersion brew method (meaning the coffee is completely submerged in water and stays in contact until the brewing is done), you want a very coarse and chunky grind size. The larger the surface area, the longer it takes for the water to extract the coffee out of the bean.
What is the proper water to grinds ratio for French press coffee?
In a French press, you want to be brewing at a ratio of four parts water to one part coffee. Pour the water over the grinds and let the coffee brew for four minutes. If you stir the coffee a few times you can speed the total brewing time up, but it’s not necessary to make a delicious French Press.
Can you burn coffee in a French press?
You can burn coffee and create an acrid brew if you use water that’s boiling. To ensure you’re using coffee at a perfect temperature, bring your water to a boil. Take it off the heat source and let it cool for 30 to 45 seconds. Your water should have cooled down to 205 degrees by then, which is in a perfect window to begin brewing.